camer1 and friends

One True King

Painted this a few weeks ago with Bez85 and Mist

Joax - Bez85 - Mist

Camer1 paints in Wichita Kansas

“Hope” by Said

This art piece was done for Surfing the Nation’s 3rd biannual Ulu Pono Art Show in my second hometown, Wahiawa, Hawaii.  It was a blessing to be involved with the community outreach program/event which supports the local kids in that area.

This piece says “Hope,” and basically the green border represents the “green light” to “go” and be the hope (through Jesus) in a dark, unsaturated world, which the black/grey stripes represent. Please pray for Wahiawa as we try to re-claim territory for God, and continue to pray for Surfing the Nations as they are being the hands and feet of Jesus, that they will be strengthened and encouraged to keep on doing our Father’s work. Aloha!


Jesus piece XS

In a write all over my wall food place

Fasm paints for FB

The Modesto Bee wrote:

Artist Aaron Vickery on Tuesday puts the finishing touches on a 72-foot-long, 8-foot-high mural that will be displayed today and Thursday at a business conference at Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto.

Marketing 50, the company behind the conference, commissioned the 35-year-old Modestan to paint the mural, which will be shipped to its new home in Atlanta after the event at Facebook.


“Rest” by Said


The dutch part of GG was asked to paint some stuff at the year opening of a community center in Zutphen called Lighthouse and the idea was to let go of our letter obsession for once and make something more apealling to a wider audience. So Rhyse brought some pictures of animals and with those as a basis we freestyled this wall together.

The zebra was done Joax, the elephant and the lighthouse by Bams, the dove and the lion by Rhyse and the pinguin and the pink border stuff by Tiefoo.

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