One way…

Jesus graffiti sketch

Bams sketches

Some recent sketches by homie Bamskie Noodles.. follow his updates on flickr

Bams & Rhyse

Two big burners by Bams & Rhyse

For the record

Let not mercy* and truth* forsake thee: bind them about thy neck…” Proverbs 3:3a KJV

This was more of an experimental piece, never painted on a record so I figured I try it out.


Fresh skecth by Said.. also follow him on facebook.

Two new member portfolios

Theses guys have been with us for a while now… and they also got their own page now..

Check out their pages:



Experimental expresionism

Some raw piece of graffiti


Hope animated

Sketch and Photoshop coloring by Battle.. Animation by Joax..

Click to open animation..