Snake killer

A sketch by Bams from a while back

AuGGust 2013 video

A nice short compilation of the gathering we had as a crew in the Netherlands last summer..

Bams on paper

bams gg skecth blackbook

Bams sketches

Some recent sketches by homie Bamskie Noodles.. follow his updates on flickr

Bams & Rhyse

Two big burners by Bams & Rhyse


The dutch part of GG was asked to paint some stuff at the year opening of a community center in Zutphen called Lighthouse and the idea was to let go of our letter obsession for once and make something more apealling to a wider audience. So Rhyse brought some pictures of animals and with those as a basis we freestyled this wall together.

The zebra was done Joax, the elephant and the lighthouse by Bams, the dove and the lion by Rhyse and the pinguin and the pink border stuff by Tiefoo.

Click images for larger versions..

Jesus piece by Bams

“I AM the way, the truth and the life”

Gospel Graffiti

Gospel Graffiti wall bij Rhyse and Bams in the Netherlands.