Enough is enough!

By Francisco “Enuf” Garcia & Joax.GG in Rotterdam the Netherlands

The Gospel in 2 minutes

Video and spoken words by Battle36

Joax graffiti

AuGGust 2013 video

A nice short compilation of the gathering we had as a crew in the Netherlands last summer..

Trust by Said1


During the US government shutdown earlier this month, the company I work for was furloughed and I was sent home unsure of when I would be called back to start work again.  I am thankful for this experience for a few reasons: 1) I had a day off where I could paint, but 2) God used the furlough to show me how dependent I was becoming on money and how I allowed that to misdirect where I was putting my trust.  As I was able to reflect on what was happening, God opened my eyes and gave me peace amongst my inner storm.  After that, I was blessed with a phone call from my boss telling me we could come back to work the next day, God is good.

Jesus is Forgiveness

Fasm painted this live in Foster City, CA at an outdoor church service.