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For/with a friend who dances..


A little bit of freestyling under the freeway.

Pray for Mosul

This piece is from a while back.. but it’s still very relevant..

Please pray for the people of Mosul, Iraq.. being terrorized by ISIS.. Christians, Kurds and all the other people who don’t comply with their deathcult methods.. Also pray for the people of ISIS itself.. so filled with hate and desperately in need of the grace of God.

Jesus lives!

A quick lil’ copper colored graffiti piece by Joax in The Netherlands.

Enough is enough!

By Francisco “Enuf” Garcia & Joax.GG in Rotterdam the Netherlands

Jungle boogie


The Truth will set you free!

Jesus is the answer

Tiefoo & Joax

Joax in orange and blue

Video by Niels de Jong, music by Galimatias.

Bams & Rhyse

Two big burners by Bams & Rhyse