An oldy by Mr.Saves who used to be in GG.

Blue ‘n white

Jesus graffiti

Way, Truth & Life

Jesus said: I AM the Way, the Truth & the Life.

Painted by Joax, Wes & Opia in 2012.

A fresh one from London

You are my power

A Jesus piece done by Camer1 in ’09.


In Zutphen with Mr.Bams.

Pray for Mosul

This piece is from a while back.. but it’s still very relevant..

Please pray for the people of Mosul, Iraq.. being terrorized by ISIS.. Christians, Kurds and all the other people who don’t comply with their deathcult methods.. Also pray for the people of ISIS itself.. so filled with hate and desperately in need of the grace of God.

Jesus sketch

A black and white sketch by Dsern.

Jesus lives!

A quick lil’ copper colored graffiti piece by Joax in The Netherlands.